GS Auto Clicker

Simple low-footprint tool that lets you automate mouse clicks


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  • Category Automation
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  • Version 3.1.4
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  • Works under: Windows 8
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GS Auto Clicker is a lightweight app that automates mouse clicks and movement.

If you perform a lot of repetitive actions with a mouse, then GS Auto Clicker is a solution that lets you automate those actions and avoid performing them manually. It can perform repetitive clicking and/or movement with a single button press, and the program has a straightforward menu system that makes creating new profiles and assigning actions and hotkeys to them very simple.

You can create an action set manually, but GS Auto Clicker also has a recorder, which is particularly handy for defining mouse movement. You can have the mouse pointer move to a particular area of the screen before clicking, and it can actually move the pointer to multiple areas of the screen in sequence. This is very useful, for instance, if you have to click a series of buttons on a form.

The functionality works with all mouse buttons, including on mice that have more than three. Once assigned to a hotkey, your action sets are even available from within games. There’s a common scenario in gaming where you have to buy large amounts of reagents from a vendor one at a time, and this program handles a task like that with ease. The program can execute a predefined number of clicks, or you can set it to click until stopped, which you do by activating the hotkey a second time.

GS Auto Clicker also supports time offsets, which you can use to create a delay between a mouse click or mouse movement and the next action. The program also has a feature called Smart Click, which lets you log and monitor the program’s activity, which is useful for refining an action set. Note that the programming stops short of macro support, however. It doesn’t support advanced mouse movements, such as drag and drop, or keyboard functionality.

The program also has no help functionality at all. Since the core functionality is so straightforward and intuitive, this probably won’t be an issue for most. However, if you do run into a problem and need help, you’re going to have to seek that assistance online.


  • Automate repetitive clicking
  • Can move mouse pointer to a screen location
  • Assign functionality to a hotkey


  • No help included
  • No support for advanced mouse movements
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